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// Pulled by Chords, Pushed by Notes

Wesley McCarthy is an independent solo artist. He blends Spanish guitar and funk rhythms when performing acoustically, and uses guitar looping and vocal effects to create soundscapes as a backdrop for his astounding falsetto. Initial experiences with Wesley's music invoke connections to Muse, Radiohead, and Rufus Wainwright. 

Despite being a self taught vocalist, Wesley sings comfortably beyond a three-octave range.  He began singing at the age of three and started creating music prior to his teen years. He performed with numerous rock, funk, and progressive bands until 2017 when we began focusing on a solo career. 

Wesley incorporates his love for film into image-rich lyrics and atmospheric sonic expanses; he has an ear for melody and a devotion to performing music that conjures emotions for audience members. Wesley is recording a locally-produced EP album while continuing to seek fan connections, music collaborations, and management. Wesley encourages you to reach out in person or online. 

(Yes, that is correct: his vocal range extends beyond three octaves.)

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 Following a serious head injury that almost took his life, Wesley McCarthy became self-aware of his musical ear at the age of three. Initially mimicking the pitch of instruments, songs, and voices, Wesley suddenly began effortlessly humming complete songs he overheard in cartoons and films he had only seen once. 

Performing his first original songs and to celebrate family milestones, Wesley realized that he was happiest singing songs and being immersed in music.

Without an intention to create his own songs, Wesley followed an impulse to collect creative ideas with a tape recorder, a TalkBoy microphone, and a Sony boombox that belonged to his Dad, a singer himself. After making musical connections with a few dear friends, Wesley began to create melodies and tell stories through music just prior to his teenage years.  Despite asserting that he would never write songs that anyone would notice, he performed his first original material in 2001 and realized that growing crowds were requesting and singing his original material when played live. 

Wesley and his three best friends began playing music in their small Simcoe County, Ontario hometown. The quartet quickly sought urban audiences in downtown Toronto, Oshawa, and Barrie, subsequently being awarded recording time and releasing an independent EP in 2005. Until 2012, Wesley fronted three bands (a funk-based quartet influenced by RHCP, a progressive-rock power trio influenced by MUSE, and a pop-rock quartet called 'Small Fires'). Each band became fixtures of the Toronto and Barrie music scenes.

Today Wesley performs solo using Seagulll, Taylor, and Stonebridge acoustic guitars. He favours TC. Helicon vocal effects and TC Electronic looping pedals. He uses modulation effects like the Boss TR-2 and ElectroHarmonix SMALL STONE among many, many others (gear acquisition syndrome or GAS is a genuine problem).            
Please reach out for collaboration using the contact button below.

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